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Hi, my name is Julie Verdeyen, I was born in Málaga on the 4th of April of the late 80´s and although I am not originally from this beautiful city I have always lived here. Being half Brasilian half Belgium with a touch of Andalusian I have spent my life between planes and cultures even before I came out to the world.

I began my Law degree in Malaga University but with the years I realised my vocation lied in a different place. One day I decided that is was art and culture that were knocking on my door and chose to change my life (and profession). I wanted to study something that would fill my sole so I enrolled in philology and photography and don’t regretting it one single second.

In December 2013 I decide to open everydayjulie, a place to share my interests, my special moments, my ideas, my passions and in January 2014 it finally became true.

My motto? “It´s never too late.” When you really want something there is always, always a way to get to it.

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